Recap of CV Town Hall Meeting Topics: Updates on Crosswalk Projects

This is the final post taken from my phone conversation on December 26, 2014 with Art Carrera, Engineering and Transportation Program Manager at the Alameda County Public Works Agency (PWA). In this post, I’ll describe the status of the crosswalk projects around Castro Valley that were brought up at the October 29, 2014 Castro Valley Town Hall meeting.

Chabot Elementary/Christensen Crosswalk: PWA is in the final construction stage on this combination project, including a crosswalk across Christensen (that has been painted), as well as filling in the gaps in the sidewalk next to Chabot Elementary. The crosswalk was considered across Christensen at the Schuster/Simsbury location but, because there were driveways in the way at those corners, they chose the Christensen Ct. crossing instead.

I-580 Ramp Crossing Signal Timing: PWA checked out these crossing signals and found that they stayed in the white walk signal for 7 seconds and then gave plenty of time during the flashing signal to cross the street. What is needed is a “countdown” signal to show a pedestrian how much time they have left. PWA has asked CalTrans to change this walk signal to the countdown variety. If they don’t do it, PWA will swap it out.

Lake Chabot Regional Park Entrance Crosswalk: PWA has already beefed up the crosswalk itself, as they have many of the crosswalks in town lately, along with adding crosswalk signs. PWA plans to put in a RFB (rapid flashing beacon – similar to the one near Marshall Elementary) crossing in this location. PWA is considering installing a Speed Feedback Device (like the one on Center St. near Creekside that shows your speed) for traffic coming down the hill to the crossing. PWA says there are about 20 locations for these devices under consideration and they are working to prioritize the requests.

Crosswalk on Redwood Rd. at Proctor School.

Proctor School Crosswalk: PWA already has federal funding secured to put in bulb-outs and an RFB. Both should be installed within 2015, along with a “No U-Turn” sign. In addition, this is another location where PWA is considering adding a Speed Feedback Device on the north side of the Proctor Hill where cars come over from the golf course.

North Side of Proctor Hill Crosswalk: We also discussed the crosswalk on the north side of Proctor hill, at the spot where the 10 Hills Trail meets Redwood Road. I pointed out that the new sign alerting north-bound motorists about the crosswalk was installed behind a tree. Art said they would move the sign so that it is visible. I also pointed out that if they put the Speed Feedback Device far enough on the north side of the hill, ahead of that crosswalk and therefore the Proctor School crossing, it would probably help both crosswalks and Art agreed.

Redwood at Vegas Crosswalk (south side of 580): This crosswalk will be put back.

I will continue to provide updates on these and other CV bicycle and pedestrian projects as we learn new information. If you have any questions, please email us at


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