A Castro Valley Bike Ride with Supervisor Nate Miley

BikeWalkCV invited Supervisor Nate Miley to join us on a bike ride around Castro Valley, on a typical school day afternoon. He joined us on Friday, April 24. Impressively, he rode his own bicycle 45 minutes from his house in Oakland to his office in Castro Valley before heading out with us. Paul Keener, Bike/Pedestrian Planner, also joined us.

The full video of the ride is here:

Highlights of the ride include:

  • Experiencing the “squeeze” and foul looks from drivers on Redwood north of Castro Valley Blvd where the bike lane ends.
  • Pointed out large sections on Redwood where the residents seem to manage without street parking. We saw similar sections on Santa Maria and Somerset.
  • Discussion of bike lanes on Redwood like Lewelling Blvd (5 car lanes and 2 bike lanes).
  • Highlighted the 3 locations where CVHS students recently got hit by car.
  • Discussed idea of removing center line on Santa Maria to allow cars more latitude to pass bikes safer.
  • Discussed restricted hour bike lanes around CVHS 8am-4pm when parking is not allowed on Santa Maria and Mabel.
  • Observed many cars illegally parked on Santa Maria, causing congestion and danger, as students cross the street through traffic to reach parent car on other side.
  • Observed hundreds of students walking on the sidewalk and in the street.
  • Observed many parked cars blocking the walk way on Santa Maria, Somerset and Anita.
  • Experienced the narrowness of Somerset and Santa Maria.
  • Pointed out that parked cars on Somerset will fit on 1 side of street.

Supervisor Miley seemed to better appreciate the dangers and difficulties of riding in Castro Valley. At the end, he spoke positively about change that would make cycling safer and therefore more desirable. Perhaps we could have periodic rides so that we can assess other areas and to check progress.

Thank you again to Supervisor Miley for joining us on the ride — hopefully we can work together to improve cycling in Castro Valley, so that a future ride feels much safer for everyone.


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