GoPro Camera Increases Safety at Crosswalk!

What a pleasant shock! As the crossing guard and I step into the crosswalk, the cars actually stop! This has been a new experience lately at Proctor Elementary School as suddenly many drivers stop as soon as the crossing guard is in the crosswalk, instead of continuing to drive through the crosswalk. Why? What has happened?


Crossing guards are expected to write down or take a picture of the license plate number of cars driving through the crosswalk while pedestrians are present in the crosswalk. Of course, this cannot be done while serving two crosswalks. Therefore the idea of the crossing guard wearing a GoPro camera was born. And suddenly many drivers who could not care less about the safety of pedestrians are scared of the GoPro camera, remember basic traffic rules, and behave! Let’s hope this side effect will keep on!


2 thoughts on “GoPro Camera Increases Safety at Crosswalk!

  1. i am a crossing guard on orange county and i get what your saying too, many drivers wont stop after you signal them to stop so will do the same as you with camera glasses :0


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