Student Safety Press Conference August 18

Dont rush safety banner logo

If you live in Castro Valley, or anywhere in the Eden Area, you are likely aware of the extreme traffic congestion around the start and end of the school day. If you drop off or pick up your kids, or live next to a school, you likely have first-hand experience with the chaos that results from the mix of frustrated drivers and students. Our schools are simply not designed for most parents to drive their kids to school. The result is a high rate of accidents that we can all do our part to prevent.

A consortium of law enforcement, Alameda County, and advocacy groups including BikeWalkCV has come together to highlight the need for everyone to take the time to keep our community safe. The campaign kicks off next Tuesday, August 18 at 10am, with a press conference at Colonial Acres Elementary School in Cherryland. Representatives from CHP, Alameda County Sheriff, San Lorenzo USD, Castro Valley USD, and BikeWalkCV will speak. In addition, a public service announcement safety video, produced here in Castro Valley, will be shown. The Press Conference Announcement is attached. The public is encouraged to attend.

There will be additional events throughout the school year to continue the focus on traffic safety around schools. BikeWalkCV strongly supports this effort and looks forward to our continued participation in working to improve safety for everyone in our community.

PRESS RELEASE – Don’t Rush Safety 8.12.15


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