Quick Fixes For Walkability in Castro Valley

Authored by Bruce Dughi
BikeWalkCV found a very inexpensive and effective way to get rid of those pesky puddles that litter so many “unimproved sidewalks” in Castro Valley after an El Nino rain–fill them in with dirt/gravel! With this low-cost treatment, the rain drains over the curb and into the street, similar to a concrete walkway. Thanks to Alameda County Public Works Association (PWA) for helping us out. You can see the difference in the photos below.
This first photo shows a large puddle two days after rain on Redwood Road just north of Berdina. Students and other pedestrians must endanger themselves by walking into the busy, fast moving Redwood Road to get around this puddle.
Puddle on Rdwd Rd - revised

Puddle on Redwood Road North of Berdina

This second photo shows the same stretch of walkway with the new gravel treatment a day after storms that dumped five inches of rain on Castro Valley!
No More Puddle on Rdwd Rd

Gravel Treatment on Redwood Road North of Berdina

We’ve pointed out several more spots on Redwood Road to PWA in hopes that they’ll continue the great work.
If you spot issues like this or other things blocking the unimproved sidewalks (like overgrowth or cars parked onto the walkway) around Castro Valley, you can use the “Mobile Citizen” app on your smart phone or you can report them online using this Public Works Online Requests link. Together we can make walking safer and more enjoyable in Castro Valley.

One thought on “Quick Fixes For Walkability in Castro Valley

  1. Ooh! Great idea! I need to call them about the one property with no sidewalk on Center at Gem. It’s the only sidewalkless stretch on that side of Center between CVB and Creekside, and it is at a point where Center St narrows so walking in the street there is particularly harrowing.


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