Better Biking to Lake Chabot!

We are delighted to see that the bike lanes on Lake Chabot Road, between Fairmont Drive and Seven Hills Road, have been painted! This has long been in the works — the Alameda County Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan created in 2012 calls for bike lanes on Lake Chabot Road [p. 56], and the Castro Valley Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) ranked bike lanes on Lake Chabot Road as a high priority among the bike lanes proposed in the master plan.

There is still plenty of work to be done — Lake Chabot Road still needs bike lanes that extend south to Castro Valley Boulevard, the Boulevard itself still needs a bike lane that spans Castro Valley, and there are many other key bicycling corridors in our community that need safer engineering — particularly around our schools. But implementing the bike and pedestrian master plan as other road improvements (e.g. repaving) are made is key progress.

These bike lanes will make it significantly safer for people of all ages to bike to Lake Chabot — while there is not a physical barrier between bikes and vehicular traffic, there is a buffer on either side of the bike lane for most of the distance. In addition, the bike lanes will be painted green, to increase their visibility. These changes are expected to be completed by August. Public Works is also looking at improving safety for pedestrians on the same stretch by installing flashing beacons at the crosswalks, both at the entrance to Lake Chabot Park and the intersection with Arcadian Drive (pending additional separate funding). Stay tuned for more updates and ways that you can help us help our community become a safer place for everyone.


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