Big Gains at Castro Valley BPAC

We are very pleased to share that the Castro Valley Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) has finally been granted the ability to review Alameda County Public Works Agency’s (PWA’s) project plans & designs prior to them being finalized and implemented in Castro Valley! This is just part of the good news! 

Supervisor Nate Miley attended the entire BPAC meeting on September 23 to complete his review of the committee’s roles and responsibilities. We have asked that the BPAC and our community have the opportunity to provide input into what projects are planned for Castro Valley and how they are designed. Supervisor Miley agreed and outlined the following revised roles/process for the BPAC:

1. Meet bi-monthly with a published schedule at the beginning of the year for the entire year.

2. Review all upcoming project plans/designs and provide input/feedback at BPAC meetings with a PWA engineer in attendance.

3. Review PWA’s annual workplan for Castro Valley to provide input/feedback on PWA’s set of projects and priorities for the year.

4. BikeWalkCV is invited to submit agenda items for each BPAC meeting. Please email us any topics you’d like to see on the agenda at

In addition, a few other important topics were covered:

  • 12 crosswalk improvement projects will be carried out the first part of next year in Castro Valley!
  • Improved bike lanes will be installed along East CV Blvd., between Five Canyons Pkwy and Villareal, in the next few months!
  • ATP sidewalk grant decisions are expected by mid-November on 4 new projects

Next actions: The planned update of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan for unincorporated Alameda county will begin early next year and the CV BPAC will be heavily involved. We will let you know when the public meetings are scheduled. We hope you will attend and give your valuable input into this plan that will be the primary driver for pedestrian and bicycle improvements in Castro Valley over the next 5+ years. 


Existing and proposed bicycle network from 2012 Bike & Ped Master Plan


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