New Steps for Sidewalk Advocacy

We have spent the last two years advocating for sidewalks in Castro Valley, and while we’ve made some progress — most notably in the form of successful ATP grants — we haven’t seen any substantial new construction yet. Nor have we identified any sources of funding for sidewalks other than the Active Transportation Program.

Public Works received funding for design work on Stanton Avenue through the ATP process in 2015. However, at this point there has been no progress reported on the design, and no source of funding for the construction has been identified (other than another future round of ATP applications). Stanton Avenue is a key north-south corridor on the western edge of Castro Valley, and is also the backbone of Stanton Elementary’s catchment area.

Parents at Stanton Elementary are tired of walking through the mud and in the streets just to get to and from school every day. Paying for the second, much-needed crossing guard is also a strain on the budget of the Title I school’s parent association. (Alameda County pays for only one crossing guard.) At the Castro Valley MAC meeting on Monday, November 21, 2016, these parents — and the students, teachers, staff, and neighbors of Stanton Elementary — will be asking the MAC for help prioritizing these sidewalk projects. They will be asking for Public Works to pursue Measure BB funding, and to look for discretionary funds that could be spent on sidewalks.

While this agenda item is specifically about Stanton Avenue, it is also a chance for the community to show up and ask for more investment into sidewalks in Castro Valley. The Measure BB money is out there, and is being spent elsewhere in Alameda County. Public Works has discretionary funds, and there is no reason that they cannot be spent on sidewalks in Castro Valley. But we will only make progress if we show up in person at the MAC meeting and demand this investment.

Please join us at 6 p.m. on Monday, November 21, at the Castro Valley Library!


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