Crosswalk Improvements Coming to Castro Valley

At the September 2016 Castro Valley Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) meeting, in addition to learning about specific process improvements coming to the Castro Valley BPAC, we got a list of upcoming crosswalk improvements.

There are two different types of improvements coming. Some streets will get a bulb-out and a high visibility crosswalk: bulbouts shorten the crossing distance for pedestrians, while also providing them with a better and safer vantage point from which to see the oncoming traffic.


The list of intersections getting bulb-outs and a high-visibility crosswalk are:

  • Redwood Road and Alma Avenue
  • Redwood Road and Buti Park Drive (also with flashing beacons)
  • Kent Street and Santa Ana Road (bulb-out only)
  • Lake Chabot Road and Carlton and Arcadian (also with flashing beacons)
  • Miramar and Crest Avenue

Several other intersections are getting flashing beacons and a high visibility crosswalk:

  • A Street and Ruby Street
  • Center Street (mid-block)
  • Center Street and Gem Avenue
  • Grove Way and Queen Street
  • Heyer Avenue and Alana Road
  • Lake Chabot Road and Lake Chabot Marina Entrance
  • Miramar Avenue and Saratoga Street

There are still more intersections in sore need of a better crosswalk — which ones would you like to see upgraded? Let us ( and Alameda County Public Works ( know what you need!


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