Sidewalk Construction on Stanton

At last, sidewalk construction on Stanton Avenue is making progress!


None of us know when in-person school will resume, but these sidewalks are sure to be complete the next time Stanton Elementary students walk to school!

How did this happen?

  1. The Castro Valley Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) worked on the narrative of ATP grant applications, and in 2015 the application for design funding for Stanton Avenue sidewalks was successful.
  2. In 2016, and then in 2017, a group of Stanton parents pressured the MAC about safety near Stanton Elementary. This advocacy succeeded in moving up the construction timeline to 2019, as well as identifying SB 1 funds for construction.
  3. Obviously the construction did not start in 2019, but here we are in 2020, very close to having sidewalks on both sides of Stanton Avenue, from Castro Valley Blvd to Miramar Ave!

Hopefully next up is design work on Somerset Avenue! We will keep pushing for progress and funding for pedestrian infrastructure in Castro Valley.

2 thoughts on “Sidewalk Construction on Stanton

    • Thank you! They are slowly coming around to the importance of pedestrian safety. Bike lanes have been a harder sell, but once construction is complete Stanton Avenue should have a bike lane in the uphill direction. There was a bit of resistance on the MAC to the removal of a whole NINE parking spaces (along one mile of road!) to make that happen, but it somehow still got through.


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