Traffic Safety around Proctor Elementary School will be on the MAC board agenda March 16

Back in September, some parents at Proctor Elementary School started a traffic safety committee to address the dangers around Proctor School. Monday, March 16, traffic safety around Proctor will be an agenda item at the MAC board meeting.

The first issue is safety along Redwood Rd in front of the school, especially as many kids and parents have to cross Redwood Rd in order to get to the school. Simple improvements can make Redwood Rd much safer: a no U-turn zone on Redwood Rd in front of the school, dynamic speed display signs, a flashing beacon or traffic light at the crosswalk, and enlarging the sidewalks at the crosswalk (bulb-outs). Public works is working on these improvements, hopefully we can see most of it already this year.

The second issue are missing sidewalks on the streets leading to the school, especially along Proctor Rd towards Parson Park. The sidewalks there vary in quality, from completely blocked by overgrowth, to walkable only by sturdy walkers, to good enough for pushing a stroller. Anybody walking along Proctor Rd has to walk in the street, even in the middle of the street when there are cars or carts parked next to the non-existing sidewalk. In order to allow kids and anybody else to walk safely along Proctor Rd, continuous, uninterrupted, unblocked, and level sidewalks are needed. Proctor Rd is actually listed as a key pedestrian activity corridor in the master plan. Even in the most optimistic scenario, sidewalks along Proctor Road are at least five years away.  Unfortunately, public works has no plans to clear the current public right-of-way from overgrowth and obstacles. We therefore ask the MAC board for a resolution for putting in real sidewalks from Parson Park to Proctor School. As this might take a while for PWA to accomplish, we also ask for a resolution for clearing the current overgrowth so at least people without strollers can walk on an unimproved sidewalk.

Please join us at the MAC board meeting in support improving traffic safety around Proctor Elementary School.

IMG_0972 IMG_0981


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